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Sage CRM 2019 R1 is the first release within the new 3-year roadmap for the product. The focus for this release has been on fixing bugs and making small but important improvements to the experience of users.

Over 40 issues that have been identified by customers have been addressed in this release. You can find out about all the resolved customer issues by checking the Release Notes that are available at http://help.sagecrm.com

Sage CRM 2019 R1

Sage CRM Calendar Enhancements
Sage CRM v2018 R3 continues to build on what's probably the heart of the application - the calendar. View all your tasks and appointments in the calendar (0-170652-ENH). Each Sage CRM user can view a compete list of their tasks and appointments in My CRM | Calendar List. By default, the list isn't filtered and shows all tasks and appointments from the moment when the user was created in Sage CRM.

Sage CRM Calendar
Sage CRM Quick Find
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Updates to Quick Find
Quick Find has been optimized for a scenario where a system administrator adds more entities to the Quick Find index. Now Quick Find immediately includes the newly-added entities in the search index and returns them in search results. Previously Quick Find could return incomplete search results in the described scenario.

Reports & Charts
Improvements to the point chart. The chart points have been made larger and now the points are not connected by straight lines.

Sage CRM 2019 R1 uses the bcrypt algorithm to generate hashes for user passwords. Bcrypt adds a salt (a random string of characters) to each password hash before storing it in the database.

Document Drop
Users accessing Sage CRM with Microsoft Internet Explorer can now use the ActiveX Document Drop plugin to attach documents to custom entity records.

Be sure to check the Release Notes issued with this release which are available at http://help.sagecrm.com

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