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 August 2018    Lauren Jones    Wallboards

In both our Midlands and new South West office is a large screen displaying a number of key realtime performance indicators, allowing us to stay on top of all of our metrics and respond quickly to any changes.

Service levels, number of calls, average hold time… are just some of the numbers that we immediately think of when we imagine a wallboard display blinking away in a call or contact centre. However, our CRM Experts have combined these with a richer set of metrics from several sources of information, including Sage CRM, Sage 50cloud, Sage 200 and Sage Enterprise Management (Formerly X3) and have already built a readily available suite of easily deployed tiles. An office wallboard (or LCD/LED display) is fairly inexpensive these days and we offer our customer access to these prebuilt or custom feeds.

If you are considering a Wallboard, here are a few tips as we don't want large screens simply loading up stress levels by reminding staff of the call queues that are building up, poor sales values or unresolved cases.

  • Avoid more than between six to eight metrics at any given time.
  • Information should be flashed, not scrolled. Avoid the need to ‘wait and watch’.
  • Keep the wallboards simple and consistent.
  • Illustrate how staff are contributing to overall service levels by providing congratulatory information. (Our favourite)
  • Combine effort-based metrics with outcome information to create much more meaningful information streams.
  • You could include external content (such as news feeds) or maybe even video feeds such as the World Cup, Olympics. (http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/check-if-you-need-one/business-and-organisations)
Spire have designed our Wallboards for large screen displays, but they are built with a fluid layout that automatically displays its tiles to best suit the screen. (Including mobile)

Call Centre Wallboard
Sage Wallboard

Screenshots above contain Eve (our intelligent cloud-based IP Telephony Service) and Sage CRM demo data metrics.

Need to access Sage 50 data from a tablet or an Apple Mac?

Our Connected CRM Solution may be what you are looking for

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